Upcoming Personal Appearances with Eight Skincare Founder Vicki Weaver Payne

October 3 - 5, 3PM - 6PM
Essentials Birthday Event
9225 N. Penn
Oklahoma City, OK 73102
Store Phone: 405.842.6401

October 17, 10AM - 6PM
Eric Fisher
9455 Cross Creek
Wichita, KS 67206
Store Phone: 316.681.0077

December 7, 10AM - 6PM
Eric Fisher
9455 Cross Creek
Wichita, KS 67206
Store Phone: 316.681.0077

Eight Skincare Featured on


Take Home a Spa-like System that Stops Dry Skin ... FREE

About this time last year, Bob and I enjoyed a great getaway at the JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort. Having a facial at their luxurious Lantana Spa was one of my all-time favorite treats because they use healing plants to renew your complexion.

If I'd been braver, I could have indulged in a similar experience to refresh my whole body. But I'd rather save getting totally nekkid (as Bob would say) for the privacy of my own home!

Fortunately, that's where Eight Skincare excels. This spa-licious bath and body line created by fellow Boomer Vicki Payne-Weaver helps you say goodbye itchy roughness; hello satiny, smooth skin. Vicki based her natural formula on a body lotion recipe her mother perfected during World War II. Packed with hydrating and anti-aging ingredients that work wonders for dry skin, it includes eight core components: Aloe Vera, Argan Oil, Monoi Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil and Apricot Kernel Oil.

You could take home a luxurious, spa-like system for preventing dry skin. We've teamed up with Eight Skincare to give away a $108 gift set including 5 of their refreshing, Ginger Lime-scented bath and body treatments.
Click "Read More" for details on how to enter. Contest* ends June 27!

Feeling lucky? We've teamed up with Vicki and her crew to offer one reader the chance to see for herself. You could take home a complete skincare system including these five, delightful body beautifiers from Eight Skincare:

Sisal Dry Skin Body Brush
Cream Body Wash
Sugar Body Scrub
Body Moisture
Body Softening Oil

Although they can be used separately, these skin refreshers work even better when used together. In fact, the first four are essential to the simple daily regime Vicki recommends to banish dry skin: 

Step 1: Dry brush your body.

Rubbing the natural sisal brush over your body helps remove the top layer of dead skin cells, preparing your pores for deep cleansing.

Here it's best to move quickly because you're nekkid and there's no water running to keep you warm. To do the job, that brush has to be pretty stiff so you're gonna feel some sting. But the benefits far outweigh any discomfort. Besides tightening skin and stimulating circulation, this process can reduce cellulite, speed up cell renewal and help digestion. ($20)

Step 2: Take a warm shower, cleansing with the Creme Body Wash.

With Eight's Creme Body Wash, you can work up a luxurious lather that hydrates while washing away dirt and impurities and encouraging healthy skin. It's a great way to get really clean without worrying about the dryness you get from soap. (12-ounce bottle - $21)

Step 3: Exfoliate and soften with Eight Sugar Scrub

After rinsing, massaging on Eight's Sugar Scrub continues the cleansing and softening experience.

This sweet, body-buffing blend combines sugar with seven essential oils so you can remove even more of those what-could-be-more-aging dead skin cells without unnecessary roughness. The mixture polishes skin, leaving it looking brighter and feeling silky smooth. (8-ounce jar - $21)

Step 4: Rinse, lightly towel dry and apply Eight Body Moisture.

Now that your skin is wide awake and receptive, it's time to bring on the moisture. Eight's lightweight lotion includes 14 nourishing ingredients that work to hydrate skin and reduce wrinkles. I love using this Boomer-rific buy after showering because it makes my skin Ooh-la-la soft and absorbs quickly. It's also very soothing after you've been in the sun or shaved your legs or when used to massage tense muscles. (8-ounce bottle - $24)

Step 5: Spray on Eight Body Softening Oil

Want to look your best? Spritzing on Eight Body Softening Oil soothes, softens and tones skin. Ideal with sundresses, shorts and other sparse summer styles, it also gives your décolleté, arms, legs and more an attractive, healthy glow. (4-ounce bottle - $22)

Although the Eight Skincare collection comes in three delicious scents, I had fun trying subtle Ginger Lime. It has a fresh, spicy citrus aroma that doesn't linger so you don't have to worry about it competing with your fragrance. Other scents include Lavender and Tangerine.

On the Shelf
You can find Eight Skincare at retailers like Stanley Korshak in Dallas and online at 

Want to bring the spa home? We've teamed up with Eight Skincare creator Vicki Weaver-Payne and her crew to give one lucky reader the chance to do just that. You could win a $108, Ginger Lime-scented gift set including 5 of their natural-powered, skin rejuvenating treatments:

Sisal Dry Skin Body Brush
Cream Body Wash
Sugar Body Scrub
Body Moisture
Body Softening Oil

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Meet Eight Skincare Founder Vicki Weaver-Payne at Stanley Korshak

Eight Skincare will be in Dallas at Stanley Korshak, 500 Crescent Court on Friday, May 10th from 11am – 4pm. I’ll be giving personal skincare evaluations and demonstrating my simple, luxurious 4-step daily routine for beautiful, healthy skin in just 5 minutes a day. Just in time for Mother's Day, any $55.00 Eight Skincare purchase will receive a special gift and there will be drawings throughout the day to win Eight Skincare products!

Eight Skincare | Stanely Korshak Event Featured in Dallas Tidbits

Skin Saver | Friday, May 10, 11 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Stanley Korshak hosts the founder of Eight Skincare as she gives personal skin evaluations and provides natural beauty tips and tricks.
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Eight Skincare Now Available on is an online company all about making you feel good. speaks of your daily routine becoming something to look forward to by using high quality products everyone will absolutely love. So, here we are... partners with They contacted us to be a part of their program because we represent what they want to offer their clientele. They recognized that Eight Skincare is the ultimate in pampering yourself. Just like “Bringing the Spa Home”. Eight Skincare allows you to enjoy a daily regimen which will totally rejuvenate your body’s skin. Using a blend of the very purest skin re-balancers such as Aloe Vera, Emu Oil, Monoi Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Avocado Oil and Apricot Kernel Oil will leave your skin hydrated and moisturized. Enjoy!

Eight Ingredients Your Skin Needs to be Healthy!


Jessica here again and giving you my review on two amazing dead skin body buffers all from one small company you should know about!

As we prepare for the winter months we must keep in mind that although our bodies might be hibernating under heavy clothing it is important to still take care of your skin so you don't have to do major work come the spring. Simply exfoliating your skin and maintaining it's moisture through the winter is not as high maintenance as it can be an easy, soothing process as part of your shower routine.

While researching the topic of body buffers via a Google search I came across a company that caught my attention. Eight Skincare consists of eight core ingredients to re-balance your skin:

• Aloe Vera Increases Natural Skin Moisture
• Argan Oil Promotes Anti-Aging
• Monoi Oil Long Lasting Rehydration
• Evening Primrose Oil Reduces Anti-Inflammatory
• Vitamin E Oil Slows Aging Process
• Jojoba Oil Promotes New Cell Growth
• Avocado Oil Helps Anti-Wrinkle and Anti-Aging
• Apricot Kernel Oil Improves Tones and Firms

The CEO of Eight Skincare, Vicki Weaver-Payne, actually crafted the product line from her mother's influence and formula which was first started in her kitchen sink! Since then the line has increased to offer three different scents and more natural dry skin remedies.  

The products I had to try were the Dry Skin Body Brush, said to gently and effectively remove the top layer of dead skin cells and deeply cleanse the pores. Other benefits from the brush include:

• Tightens Skin
• Stimulates Circulation
• Increases Cell Renewal
• Removes Dead Skin Layers
• Stimulates the Glands

I absolutely loved this product! The brush has a great design and is easy to use and store in my shower, since it has a hanging loop on the handle. The bristles have the right amount of scrub to them and does not irritate my skin. I use it every time I shower now, I just squeeze on some shower gel and brush on my skin. I found it way more effective than a loofah. I like being able to tell that a product is doing something to my skin to improve it and this brush definitely did it's job :)

I also couldn't resist buying the Ginger Lime Sugar Body Scrub, which is a blend of sugar and seven essential oils to exfoliate, clean and revitalize your skin for a smooth and silky touch. I loved this too because of the blend of ginger and lime scent that lasted after my shower. It also has a great mix of sugar and oils to scrub and moisturize at the same time. My skin is left hydrated and not oily, which are some people's fear when using products with oil in it. Just so you know when you buy this product, it does comes with a scooper found inside of the didn't say anywhere that it would be in there so I was alarmed at first when I felt a hard lump in the scrub but when I dug it out and saw it was a scrapper I was relieved. I think the scooper is great for mixing the product before I use it, but honestly I just use my hands to take it out anyway.

I would highly recommend this product for people with dry skin year round or seasonally. I love the look of the packaging and the website is clear and clean looking which is very user friendly and easy to to order from! The CEO herself even sent me a personal email asking if I received my order okay! It wasn't even a computer generated reply, it was specific to my purchase and my delivery date. She also mentioned I can contact her with any problems or questions and when I sent a reply to let her know I received my order she was very quick in her reply back to me. That is outstanding many companies that you know of do that?!

As if you need any more reasons to buy from this company, but every time you purchase a product from Eight Skincare, you are giving 5% of that purchase price to The American Heart Association and helping to save lives. My only regret is not trying out the whole product line...but I will :)

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LATF The Magazine - Eight Skincare

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The beauty of Life: Interview with Founder of Eight Skincare

I recently discovered the niche skincare line Eight Skincare. I was immediately drawn to the simple but sexy packaging and the fabulousness of every product -- they smell divine, the formulations are fantastic and they just make you feel good about yourself. So I'm thrilled to bring you an inside look at Eight Skincare's creator, Vicki Weaver Payne. Read on to find out how she started the line, which product she would take to a desert island and so much more.

Can you tell me a bit about yourself?
I am an Oklahoma girl. Have been here all my life. I grew up in a very small town called Washington. I went to college at Oklahoma State University and the University of Central Oklahoma to finish my undergraduate in Business Education. Went on in my graduate studies to finish my MBA at Tulsa University.

How did you first become interested in beauty, and what inspired you to start your own line?
I have always been a product junkie, trying all kids of things on my body and my face. This may seem strange, but being from a small town, we had no doctor, so my mother was kind of considered the "witch" doctor of our town. She would mix up all kinds of concoctions to heal this and that, but one thing she did that got me to this place was met a woman who gave her a formula for this fabulous body lotion. So I grew up around my mom creating products of various kinds and she was a natural "nut." I remember her mixing this lotion up at her kitchen sink and putting it into a gallon jug.

My family always had dry skin, but as I aged, it became worse. I asked my mom for the formula to mix for myself when I was in my 40s, when I could find nothing to calm the scales on my body. It was a quenching experience so I started mixing it for myself. I also gave it away to friends and family as gifts. Everyone loved it so much, they encouraged me to start making it as a legitimate product for the markets.

If you could only bring one product from your line to a desert island, what would it be?
Easy -- my Body Moisture. I made this product and sold it by itself for two years. It has 14 natural and essential ingredients in the formula to nourish and replenish dry skin. On the desert island, I would have the sand for my exfoliant, because I am such a believer in exfoliation, then I could rinse and apply my Body Moisture. Perfect for a desert island. Hopefully, I would have water to wash!

Do you have any favorite products outside of your line that you use on a regular basis?
This may seem strange, but for my body, I do not. However, on occasion I use a licorice foot scrub.

What can we expect from Eight Skincare going forward?
I am very hopeful for the new year. I am supposed to enter Macy's the first quarter of 2013. I will be featured in their flagship stores. They are in the process of building areas in their flagship stores called Impulse Beauty, where customers can actually come and put the products on their skin before they buy. Great idea, especially for me, since Eight Skincare needs to be experienced. Getting it on the skin is a 95 percent sell.

We are also talking with HSN and QVC. AND I have about 10-15 new products just waiting in R&D to get out.

What are your top 3 beauty and skincare tips?

1) Exfoliate! Getting dry and dead skin off the body is most important. As we age, it is harder for the skin to slough, so we need to help that process. That is where my Natural Sisal Dry Skin Body Brush comes in. A lot of people are not familiar with dry brushing. This treatment has been around for centuries. Dry brushing not only gets the dead skin off, but it is a therapeutic treatment for the health of the body, not just the skin. Nothing exfoliates like a dry brush. A lot of people use those cute little nylon buffs or loofahs but it will not do what a dry brush will do. You are actually brushing the dry skin before you go into the shower or bath so you are not trying to exfoliate in the shower when you skin is wet. From my experience, that process just does not work.

2) Hydrate! I do believe drinking adequate amounts of water helps the skin, but we also have to hydrate with penetrating and moisturizing products. Eight is the best -- I know, I am just a little biased. But after I have dry brushed, I enter the shower and use my Crème Body Wash, which has 10 essentials to hydrate the skin. After I moisturize with my Crème Body Wash, I use my Sugar Body Scrub. I just turn my shower head away from me and scrub up. I rinse off, leaving this wonderful oil on my skin, I lightly towel dry and then apply my Body Moisture. Your skin will never be the same. You will notice the difference immediately.

3) Sun! Stay out of it and apply sunscreen. AND if you do that, don't forget to take your Vitamin D.

Being a product creator and innovator must be fun, but what do you do in your spare time?
My company is young, so I find myself working most of my days. Sometimes I can get away with 4-6 hours a day, but sometimes I can work as much as 18 hours. BUT if I do have any extra time, I love to travel with my husband and sometimes with our children. I have promised myself to accomplish, somewhat, the sport of golf. I currently volunteer with a organization I love, CASA, which is an international organization. I am a Court Appointed Special Advocate for neglected and abused children who find themselves caught in the DHS system. Very, very sad, but can be very rewarding if you can save a child here and there.

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Spunkyu Real Deals Blog Features Eight Skincare


A good moisturizer is worth it's weight in gold! Last week I received a sample of eight body moisture in the Ginger Lime scent. It is delectable! Spa quality moisture paired with an unusual scent of Ginger Lime! Can I just say the Ginger Lime scent is uplifting, yet amazingly relaxing?! Tropical but balanced enough for everyday use! My only problem now as I am shaking my eight moisturizer container....I am quickly running out!!

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Mint Green With Envy: Eight Skincare

by Bridget Doshi

Eight skincare uses natural oils to rejuvenate your skin leaving looking vibrant and refreshed. I was given the chance to review a couple of skincare products from the company Eight.  


Ginger Lime Body Refreshing Oil:  I love using this body oil it has a light refreshing oil that smells of citrus and gives just the right amount of oils to help keep your skin soft and smooth. I use this oil on my elbows and knees after showering, and I love the way my skin smells and looks after using it.

Tangerine Hand Creme:  I use this hand cream every day on my hands to keep them smooth and soft.  The tangerine fragrance lingers on my hands and is invigorating.  The hand cream works well at keeping the dryness and flakiness away from my hands.

Eight Skincare uses the following natrual oils for optimum results:

Aloe Vera, Emu Oil, Monoi Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil and Apricot Kernel Oil.

• Aloe Vera Increases Natural Skin Moisture
• Emu Oil Promotes Anti-Aging
• Monoi Oil Long Lasting Rehydration
• Evening Primrose Oil Reduces Anti-Inflammatory
• Vitamin E Oil Slows Aging Process
• Jojoba Oil Promotes New Cell Growth
• Avocado Oil Helps Anti-Wrinkle and Anti-Aging
• Apricot Kernel Oil Improves Tones and Firms

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